Give your home a makeover.

We will work together with your builder to help achieve the optimal design, throughout every space in your new home. If you haven’t found a builder yet, we have notable, capable and reputable companies who we regularly collaborate with.

We’ll work out optimal room size, traffic flow, colour schemes, paint finishes, cabinet styles, and lighting. Together, we’ll achieve an evocative and personalised space for your renovated rooms or your entire new home.

Selections for Builders & Developers.

For builders and developers looking for an in-house design service, this is where we connect with you. We’ll take care of all your selections and because we speak your language, you’ll have delighted clients, save valuable time, and reach better margins.

Our client-collaborative approach ensures every detail is covered and all needs are met. All aspects of the process will run smoothly, and we’ll provide you with constant updates so we’re always on the same page.

Most important of all, we understand your client’s design sense, translating their needs into distinctive finishes across every functional space.